Your Ultimate Guide to the Pink Racing League

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5 min readFeb 7, 2024

GM, Racers! Here’s your full guide — everything you need to know about the Pink Racing League.

So today, we have plenty to cover:

  1. Pink Racing League Overview
  2. Havoc Racing Recap
  3. Leaderboards & Tie breakers
  4. Play to enjoy

Alright, ready? Let’s go!

1. Introducing the Pink Racing League

  • Welcome to the Pink Racing League, a vibrant racing and prediction event brought to you by EXR, our amazing partners (Pink, Bifrost) and signaling our very first EXR Engage
  • It’s a FREE-TO-PLAY, FUN-FIRST league where everyone can participate and experience the rush of racing (and predicting) while having fun within the amazing EXR community — thanks to our new Havoc Racing racing game type and Shared Garage infrastructure.
  • Remember — to participate in the races (and to reveal your single use, offchain shared stacks weekly), you need a Racing Pass. This pass is your ticket to compete in the league and is essential for joining the races. If you dont have one you can still predict on races.
  • Learn more about EXR Stacks, Stats the Algo and more here


Don’t have a Racing Pass? No worries — You can still be part of the action. Register on and join us as a predictor, where you can predict the outcomes of the races once a week for 24 hours, have fun and climb the prediction leaderboard.

2. Pink Racing League is HAVOC RACING. Wut?

  • Havoc Racing is a unique game type within the EXR universe. It allows any user who has a Pink Racer Pass to compete in the racing league, using randomly assigned single use stacks each week.
  • But what’s a stack, ser? A stack = a Pilot, a Racecraft, and a Booster. In Havoc Racing, you’ll receive a single user Pilot, a Racecraft, and 2 Boosters each week, randomly assigned to add an exciting twist of strategy to your racing experience.
  • In the Havoc Racing everyone competes with just one single use stack each week for free (powered by our Shared Garage infra). Each stack is random each week and your up against 5 randoms each week—its HAVOC :)
  • Check our full Medium blog post (🚀 Introducing Havoc Racing — supercharging partnership opportunities, new user growth, and EXR sustainability) for more details.

Want to know more about the gameplay, the different attributes and the algo? Check the LEARN section on (its a bit dated but the attributes and algo stuff is on there at the bottom of the page)

3. Here’s the timeline, if all goes well

Each week for 4 weeks —the league will run the same timeline, ensuring you stay in the loop and on track. Here’s what your weekly schedule will look like roughly:

  • Tuesday reveal your stack for the week. You’ll have until Thursday to adjust it. To reveal just login at
  • Thursday (12 PM EST): Deadline for finalizing your stack.
  • Thursday Predictions open at 5pm EST
  • Friday (2 PM EST): Predictions close, then races are simulated.
  • Friday ( ~3 PM EST): Watch the races
  • Friday/Saturday leaderboards are updated.
  • This repeats weekly (if it changes we will let you know on X)

Make sure you pick each week for your best chance to get an edge, otherwise you’ll be auto entered with whatever stack you get for that week.

PS: You’ll be randomly put in a 5-pilots race each week.

4. Leaderboard and Tiebreakers

Thanks to our amazing partners, we’ll have various leaderboards, each with its own set of rules and rewards — details redacted. Newcomer or EXR stack holder — there’s a place for everyone. Take a look at this table below.

Some quick notes on the above:

Holders Shared Garagefirstly, what do we mean by holder in that case? Someone that held at least 1 full stack (pilot, racecraft, booster) BEFORE the Pink League registrations closed. Holders eligibility have already been determined for this league.

Anyway— for the Holder Shared Garage points are awarded when your items are assigned to a racer and used in a race. Earn extra points if your items contribute to a race win (maximum of 1 extra point per race). We will then allocate a % of the prize pool to each participant based on their proportion of points relative to the total points accumulated.

For everyone — points are awarded depending on your performance in each of your 4 league races and you get more points the better you perform. Easy, right?

There will be leaderboard ties—so this is what we look at when that happens in order:

  1. RPM won (RPM = EXR in-game points)
  2. Prediction points
  3. Number of Wins
  4. Underdog (DOG) points: Earned for winning a race where you weren’t the predicted winner.
  5. POP points: Earned for finishing above your predicted position.
  6. PUP points: Deducted for finishing below your predicted position.
  7. Time registered for the event

Bifrost Prize Pool: to be eligible to the Bifrost prize pool — check their X post which will come out soon to make sure you fully understand how to be eligible. As always, nfa dyor.

Further information about the (redacted) rewards will be disclosed as the event progresses.

Important — Our partner pools are run and managed by our partners (if you have questions, reach out to them directly) — so your participation and leaderboard rankings will be shared with them e.g Bifrost, who will distribute prizes accordingly to eligible users.

Remember — It’s completely optional to get involved with them and their eligibility requirements. Always DYOR. NFA. Don’t do anything youre not comfortable with.

5. Get Set, Racers — Log In and Join the Community Fun!

Now that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of the Pink Racing League, it’s time to take action!

Log in at to unlock and reveal your stack and manage your weekly racing tasks.

And remember, the fun doesn’t stop there — join us on the EXR Discord for daily banter and a vibrant community experience. If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is always on standby, ready and happy to help. Ask them in the general chat or create a support ticket for personalized assistance.



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