Exiled Racers: Factions, Stacks, Stats, Racing, Predictions & More

Your Quick Guide to Exiled Racers (EXR)

Exiled Racers
2 min readFeb 7, 2024

EXR is the first provably fair, algo simulated racing and prediction manager—seamlessly integrated with world class digital 3D collectibles.

  • Factions: There are 3 EXR Factions and they each have unique stories—learn more https://www.exiledracers.com/#/factions
  • Items: There are 3 items in a racing stack: Racecrafts, Pilots and Boostersand these all have unique performance stats/attributes.
  • Racing: Once race entries close, a the algo runs using all these item stats and the race simulation can then be watched on any browser.
  • Predictions: for most game types, racers and spectators will be able make predictions on the races for points etc.
  • Algo: The races are algo based, and your performance is based on your stats from your items—heres a quick guide:

Algo summary

EXR Racing Items Attributes

1. Racecrafts attribute overview

2. Pilots Overview

Want to see more than what you got? See all our amazing asset here at view.exiledracers.com — jump in check it out.

Pro tip: items that are from the same faction get Genetic perfomance boosts (look out for yellow bar in your stats).

Choose wisely.



Exiled Racers

Experience the the first low-touch NFT fantasy racing manager & prediction game.