🚀 Introducing EXR Engage: The First Racing, Prediction & Engagement Platform for Community Brands — Now Accepting Partners.

Exiled Racers
3 min readJan 4, 2024

At EXR we pride ourselves on how we blend innovative design with focused engagement to offer unique, sustained, and immersive experiences for our community — filled with excitement and rewards.

Now (drumroll) — after running successful partner sponsored racing events with Moonbeam Network and Polkadot, we are excited to announce
EXR Engage — our latest product which enables any brand or community partner to access and customize their own unique low-touch gamified racing, predictions and rewards experiences to drive deeper engagement with their community.

️️We’re now accepting new partners for EXR Engagereach out to us via Discord here if your brand or community is interested⚡️

EXR Engage has a whole host of partner community engagement and activation tools:

🖌️ Branded Event, Race Track and Onboarding — Immerse your brand completely in the game by naming your event, customizing the onboarding and race track with your distinctive visuals. It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand in an interactive and memorable way.

🔐 Token-Gated Race Events — Tailor your brand’s presence in our exclusive races. These events are token-gated and customized according to your preferences, ensuring a unique brand experience every time.

🎟️ Exclusive Partner Access Pass NFTs — Generate buzz with a branded, free mint for raceway access passes. This strategic move enhances participant engagement and anticipation for your events.

🔮 Free Spectator Predictions — Keep your audience engaged and excited with weekly race predictions and prize based points leaderboards. This feature fosters a lively and interactive community environment.

🏎️ Partner VIP Racer Customization — Personalize your weekly VIP race by customizing racer names. This deepens community involvement and prediction participation, linking them directly to your brand.

📧 Targeted User Activation — Utilize our extensive database of over 8,000 newsletter subs and 700+ holders to amplify your brand’s message and drive participation. With a ~20% open rate, your targeted campaigns are sure to make an impact.

💸 Personalized Gasless Airdrop Rewards — Strengthen your brand connection by rewarding participants with partner-designated tokens. This direct reward system enhances brand loyalty, recognition and drives engagement.

🏆 Leadboard Point-Based Prizes — Add an exciting competitive edge to the gaming experience with monthly league prizes based on accumulated points.

🎁 Custom Segmented Prize Pools — Create additional excitement with bonus prize pools for users who engage in specific pre-race actions, eg. hold, or stake.

💼 Tailored Sponsorship Packages — Choose from our flexible sponsorship options, with typical contributions starting at 5K, evenly distributed between predictors and racers.

️We’re thrilled to tease that we already have multiple partners in conversations about the product already—️️if you’re interested reach out to us now on Discord here. ⚡️

With EXR Engage we can now offer unparalleled opportunity to redefine brand engagement in the digital space. Our platform is a melting pot of innovation, strategy, and brand integration, designed to create a lasting impact and an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Our goal is to drive more exciting, engaging and rewarding experiences not only for our partner brands and communities — but also for our amazing EXR community.

Join us in this journey and let’s accelerate into the future of interactive brand experiences together.



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