Base Racing League Guide: The First Hybrid Inter-Chain Racing Experience Powered by Base & Axelar

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4 min readApr 17, 2024

TLDR: learn about Base Racing league, how to register, the tech, and the all new Axelar powered Base Racing League Pass and Inter-chain Passport.

Coming off the back of the successful Pink Racing League — we are incredibly excited to announce the Base Racing League, brought to life by Exiled Racers Engage powered by market leaders, Base, Axelar, API3, and more.

This exciting first of its kind, free-to-play, inter-chain racing management and prediction game — enables eligible Base League lottery mint pass holders to: reveal + strategically pick single use race items for weekly algo based races, make free predictions on big match ups and collect leaderboard points to put towards prize draws (Havoc Racing)

Architected with Base, the Ethereum L2 solution designed for mass adoption by Coinbase, Axelar, the trailblazing Web3 interoperability platform, and API3, a next-generation blockchain oracle — the Base Racing League will leverage EXR’s low touch gaming and engagement technology built on Moonbeam, Polkadot’s leading parachain to power a first of its kind racing experience.

This is also the latest development of EXR Engage — a recently announced EXR product designed to supercharge partner engagement and expand the EXR universe while injecting exciting new community experiences into our low touch digital racing & prediction universe.

As we open our doors to new partners and collaborators through EXR Engage, we invite everyone to be part of our next exciting, experimental journey. Whether you’re an OG Exiled Racer or a new member eager to experience the thrill of Exiled Racers, the Base Racing League is where you want to be.

Register for race access now!

  • To participate in the Base Racing League, a Base Racing Pass is required. Register and secure your spot in the Base Racing Pass lottery with your email and wallet HERE for a chance to win a pass
  • Lucky winners will have the opportunity to mint this first of it’s kind racing pass on Base — opening doors to the Base League
  • Limited passes are available, so register now for your chance to join the Base Racing League madness
  • Prizes, Leaderboards, Plunder Packs and more to be won read more here

Free-to-Play, Fun-First Racing League

The Base Racing League stands out as a free-to-play, fun-first event — inviting everyone to dive into the racing management and prediction sides of EXR. This league is built on the foundation of our newest racing game type ‘Havoc Racing’ and leverages our innovative Holders Shared Garage infrastructure, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive experience within the EXR community.

Base Racing League: Where Strategy Meets Havoc

The league introduces a unique twist with its racing format, inspired by our newest experimental Havoc Racing concept. Participants with a Base Racer Pass will be eligible to compete in weekly races here each week they get to;

  • Reveal 2x free to use, “single use” racing stacks (Pilot, Racecraft, and Boosters) all randomly assigned
  • Strategically pick and enter their best race setup based on their item attributes
  • Make race predictions on 5 x random races. NOTE predictor point impact race leaderboard tie breakers, so predictions are key

Meet the Pioneers behind the Base Racing League: Base, Axelar, and API3

Powered by Exiled Racers, Base, Axelar, and API3, this league is set to integrate both onchain and offchain tech solutions

  • Base, for those that win a racing league lottery pass, all Base Racing League passes will be minted on Base. This will give users access to the Base League and potential bonus rewards that may be dropped.
  • Axelar stands at the forefront of Web3 interoperability, enabling seamless cross-chain interactions. For the Base Racing League, Axelar’s technology facilitates racer passes stamps/badges and more from Base to and from Moonbeam on Polkadot, ensuring a smooth and integrated user experience.
  • API3 brings to the table its cutting-edge QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) technology, using truly random numbers to seed the race algorithm, helping make every race as thrilling as it should be. “Exiled Racers brings a gaming experience that is unique, using the fundamentals of blockchain technology to optimize the in-game experience. API3 is happy to see our Quantum RNG to underpin how an outcome is executed”
  • Exiled Racers & Moonbeam: EXR cross chain racing and prediction technology is built on Moonbeam the leading Polkadot parachain which enables cross chain gaming experiences with rapid, low cost transactions.

Exiled Racers Passport Experience: Your Pass to Inter-Chain Racing

The Base Racing League will mark the first Inter-chain EXR Engage partner — which is incredibly exciting for the Exiled Racers community.

To make this even more exciting we are experimenting with an all new concept — the EXR Racing Passport. This digital NFT passport will be used as a personal ledger as users jump from chain to chain racing in different leagues they become eligible for, with their racing passes.

These race passes, minted on various blockchains, complement the Multi-chain passport NFT, which lives on EXR’s Hub — Moonbeam network. Through Axelar’s cross-chain technology, the chain-specific race passes and core Moonbeam passport create a multichain record of your racing exports. Your passport grows not just with stamps but with stories, a curated record of the vibrant Exiled Racers experience.

Don’t let this chance speed by — enter the Racing Pass Lottery today — and stay tuned for more updates on the Base Racing League as we reveal more about this exciting new adventure.




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