Base Racing League: Prize Pools, Points Draws, Plunder & More

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3 min readApr 23, 2024

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Now, as the excitement builds for the upcoming Base Racing League (full racing guide here), we’re thrilled to unveil a comprehensive guide to some new and exciting experiments we will be testing for prizes, points leaderboards and prize distributions for the Base Racing League (register here)

  1. NEW Points Prize Draws
  2. NEW Plunder Packs
  3. NEW Points Boosts
  4. Multi Prize Pools & Leaderboards

Quick reminder — EXR has always been focused fun new experiences, any rewards for participation are simply a bonus, thanks to our partners.

NEW Points Prize Draws

Here’s where things get exciting — after receiving a bunch of community feedback about wanting more chances to win from the Pink Racing League — we are experimenting with a new prize reward system whereby the points you collect from racing and predicting become your Prize Draw tickets for various prize draws and leaderboards. The more points you collect, the more prize draw tickets you earn, boosting your chances to win. You can only win once per leaderboard.

NEW Plunder Packs

Ooof here we go — more excitement. For the Base Racing League we have a new prize reward system called Plunder Packs. Wtf is? Plunder Packs are precious mystery loot in pack form that can be won from collecting points from racing + predicting and winning Points Prize Draws. There will be multiple Plunder Packs Prizes to be won in the Plunder Packs Prize Draws with your points. It’s a mystery what you’ll pull in these Plunder Packs — you may receive Base Meme Coins….? But no one knows yet..

NEW Points Boosts

Crack open a beer cause there’s even more banter — LFG. For the Base Racing League we are introducing Points Boosts to reward top performers with bonus points for the new prize lottery draws. Here’s how you can get Points Boosts to increase your odds of winning that sweet sweet prize pool

  • Top 3: Guaranteed Prize for specific leaderboard.
  • Top 10: 3x Points Boosts
  • Top 20: 2x Points Boost
  • Top 50: 1.5 Points Boost

These Points Boosts are per leaderboard you are eligible for — so for example you may get a 3x Points Boosts in the Axelar Community Leaderboard because you finished top 10, but get zero Boosts for the Axelar Holders board because you didn’t finish in top 50.

Multi Prize Pools & Leaderboards

For participants there will be a couple of different prize pools that are exciting and will be explained below — Prize Pools will include Axelar Prize Pool, Plunder Packs, and Holders Pools. Each Prize pool has different eligibility requirements and the major difference we are experimenting with here is the new way these prizes can be won — the NEW Points Prize Draw system….

TLDR summary: race and predict for points, climb points leaderboard, get points boosts for top leaderboard spots, more points = higher chance of winning prize draws.

The Importance of Predictions

Your predictions don’t just add to the excitement — they’re crucial for climbing the leaderboards. Accurate predictions will earn you additional points and tickets, and also act as a tiebreaker for the different leaderboards. This means your predictions increase your chances in the loot box draws and more.

There will be leaderboard ties — so this is what we look at to break ties when that happens in order:

  • RPM won (RPM = EXR in-game points)
  • Prediction points
  • Number of Wins
  • Underdog (DOG) points: Earned for winning a race where you weren’t the predicted winner.
  • POP points: Earned for finishing above your predicted position.
  • PUP points: Deducted for finishing below your predicted position.
  • Time registered for the event




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