🚀 Introducing Havoc Racing — supercharging partnership opportunities, new user growth, and EXR sustainability.

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5 min readJan 19, 2024

TLDR — Expanding on EXR Engage, we’re experimenting with a new and exciting racing game type called Havoc Racing (Beta) starting with the Pink Racing League. Havoc Races will allow ANY user to join, race and climb the points leaderboards—for free—using randomly assigned weekly, single use Shared Racing Stacks (Racecraft, Pilot, 2xBoosters) — made possible by our all new competitive, rewards based, Holders Shared Garage infra.

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Overcoming the challenges of web3 gaming while giving our partners more exciting EXR engagement products to choose from.

At EXR we’ve been hard at work looking to overcome the challenges all web3 games face — particularly around game accessibility, growth and of course sustainability.

In a world where even AAA games with hundreds of team members are free to play — as we’ve said before, it’s incredibly challenging to drive new web2 users to try new games—nevermind web3 games with little to no resources—especially when the complexity and cost to try web3 games is largely prohibitive. (*eg. download a wallet, find an exchange that sells your cypto, buy crypto, get rugged, find an NFT marketplace to buy from, learn about different items, buy items, pay gas, get rugged again etc etc—its never ending)

To answer this initially, we introduced a free to predict gaming element — but that wasn’t quite enough to drive the engagement and growth we wanted — the feedback we got from there from partners and new users was always — but how do I race? And this was no different for the Pink community — they want to race too!! So we found a way…

This is why today we are excited to announce a couple major growth unlocks we’re experimenting with;

  1. NEW Havoc Racing (Beta)
  2. Holders Shared Garage
  3. Shared Stacks

1—Havoc Racing Leagues (Free-to-race for all)

  • For the first time ever, we can now make EXR open for anyone to race and enjoy (not just predict) — without all the friction—powered by Havoc Races, and our new Shared Garage Infra.
  • Havoc Racing is designed to be frictionless — register, with your email from your Desktop or Mobile — start racing. Perfect for partner community onboarding and web2 user growth.
  • Havoc Racing is basically a new game type where before each race, all users get assigned a random weekly, single use stack to reveal — Pilot, Racecraft and 2x Boosters from our new Shared Holders Garage infra (more details below)
  • Every participant (holder or non-holder) receives a random stack from the Holders Shared Garage for each race. This introduces a dynamic, competitive racing experience where each race is a new, unpredictable challenge — the same rules will apply to every racers.
  • Each time a user races they’ll get a randomly assigned stack, and the race will either be a standard (coming first matters) or an inverse race (coming last matters) time — hence the Havoc mode.
  • Havoc Racing will be for everyone, holders and non holders—there will just be separate leaderboards with separate prize pools PLUS partner pools like: the Bifrost 10K GLMR Prize Pool will require a Pink Racer Pass + minting vDot on Omni.ls (a Liquid Staking Platform, powered by the new Bifrost SLPx pallet) to be eligible NFA DYOR.

2—Holders Shared Garage:

  • With the Holders Shared Garage Infra — we’ve created an infrastructure that allows our holders to share out their stacks in a new gamified way, at major EXR Engage events (if our partners want it)
  • For now it will be both an off-chain and on-chain experience — in that whatever holders hold will be what is used for the community garage — but nothing leaves your wallet.
  • This allows for a seamless secure experience that allows new users to play the game easily while giving our users and us peace of mind :)

3—Shared Stacks

  • The Holders Shared Garage will enable our holders to participate in our new gamified shared stacks rewards concept.
  • This is a new unique gamified concept whereby for eligible leagues ya register for (eg. Pink Racing League) — your stack may be randomly assigned weekly and if used, you start to receive Shared Stacks leaderboard points.
  • Holders whose items are shared out, used + win races, will receive bonus shared stack points — making it even more exciting to follow new users engaging with EXR. eg. how did my items perform for others? are ya winning son?
  • Any of your items can be assigned to users randomly, eg. Sumz’s Pilot, BLR’s Booster, RacerDev’s Racecraft — and you’ll get leaderboard points for item/s used and for any wins users get with those items.
  • Holders will need to register for each relevant event to be eligible for the chance at shared stack rewards for the particular event—once ya register eg the Pink Racing League, your items will auto share offchain.
  • The Shared Stacks Leaderboard will have separate fun prize pool with varying prizes depending on our partners.

🎉 Why They Love It

We’ve spent almost 3 years trying to solve the growth and sustainability challenges—and we’ve been speaking to holders, new users and of course partners throughout that period. Why? Because if don’t grow we die simple.

Here feedback on why Havoc Racing works;

For Non-Holders: Jump into premium races and compete in the leaderboards for fun prizes.

For Holders: Your stacks are always in action if you register for eligible events, earning you points whether you race or share your stack risk-free. You’ll also have multiple chances at rewards — holders leaderboard, Havoc Racing league leaderboard and shared stack rewards.

For Everyone: More opportunities, more competition, and an ever-growing, passionate community!

For partners: Pick the game type that will fit your community needs. From Havoc Racing style to a prediction only events (Track Meet), there are many options to make EXR exciting and engaging for your community.

Join the Pink Racing League: Register NOW

The Pink Racing League, in partnership with Pink, Bifrost, Zeitgeist, Moonbeam and Talisman—proudly stands as the first league to embrace and experiment with the Havoc Racing format. It opens up a world of opportunities for racers of all backgrounds to engage in high-octane, unpredictable racing experiences.

Just use your email, enter your wallet for a chance to dive into the Havoc & compete for amazing rewards.



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