The Art & Science of Sound: How we Engineered NEW “Out of this world” Immersive EXR Audio Experiences

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4 min readNov 16, 2023

Exiled Racers has always been about experimenting and building new, exciting experiences that feel truly unique to our brand. Since day 1 — we’ve used all kinds of innovative art forms to create these experimental experiences — whether that’s through: the high fidelity EXR gaming assets, our buttery smooth gaming front end experience, or the artists we partner with to put on incredible live events.

It’s our creative challenge — where every element of EXR is very intentionally crafted not just for function but for innovative aesthetics and unforgettable community experiences — that are accessible. How we think about sound — is no different — it’s a powerful tool that we use to truly immerse our community in the EXR experience…

In the realm of Exiled Racers, every rev of the engine, every whisper of the air slicing past the racecrafts and the very ambiance of the tracks come together to create more than just a game — it’s a symphony of sounds that can elevate the racing experience to new heights…

This is the story of how we at EXR designed and launched our NEW game FX sounds in a way that makes the virtual EXR racing world as vivid and immersive as any science fiction fantasy could envision.

🏆 Award Winning Sound Designer

To design incredible sound fx — you need incredible people. This is why we hunted for one of the world’s best and found him. He cannot be named BUT he’s famed for his work in iconic franchises including the Star Wars series and many more. Yeah — we got him, and he designed our Brand NEW out of this world EXR sounds — using a number of innovative techniques and tricks.

🎶 Three-Dimensional Soundscapes: Hearing Beyond Seeing

Imagine the thrill of a high-speed race, where you can hear the roar of engines coming to life all around you. Our advanced spatial audio technology ensures that every sound in Exiled Racers isn’t just heard; it’s experienced. By meticulously adjusting stereo pan and volume, we create a 3D soundscape where the location, velocity, and direction of each sound source are as clear as if you were on the track yourself. Hear a rival’s engine scream as they overtake you, sense the whoosh of air as they zip past — it’s an auditory experience that transcends the screen. Headphones ON!

🎛 Adaptive Audio for Seamless Web Integration

In the diverse world of web browsers and devices, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our innovative audio loader is designed to adapt to your specific setup. Whether your system prefers compact .ogg files or high-fidelity .wav formats, we deliver the best possible audio quality without the lag. This approach ensures a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience across a wide range of systems, all while minimizing loading times.

🎨 Crafting Realism from Silence: The Art of Complex Triggers

Our sound design philosophy centers around creating an illusion of reality. Take, for instance, the race gates. They don’t naturally make a sound, but as you speed through them, we trigger a whooshing effect that heightens the sense of speed and immersion. This meticulous attention to detail extends to every aspect of the game, from the unique sounds of different tracks to the dynamic changes in audio as you navigate turns or activate boosts.

🎻 Dynamic Sounds: An Orchestra of Engines

In Exiled Racers, each racecraft has its distinct auditory signature. We don’t just replay audio samples; we morph them to fit the context. The engine’s growl alters as you accelerate or decelerate, and the keen ear can even identify a racer’s faction by the unique sound of their engine. This level of audio detail adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, as racers can use sound cues to make split-second decisions.

🧊 Immersion at Every Level

Whether you’re watching the race from a helicopter view or you’re in the cockpit behind your pilot, the audio experience is uniquely tailored. The perspective shift brings different sounds to the forefront, ensuring that every viewing angle offers a fresh auditory experience.

🔊 The Challenge of a Clean Soundscape

In a race with multiple competitors, the cacophony of sounds can quickly become overwhelming. Our sound design team has established a set of rules to maintain a clear and logical soundscape. We prioritize essential sounds and reduce auditory clutter, ensuring that even in the midst of a ten-racer showdown, the audio remains crisp and coherent.

🌶 Variety is the Spice of Sound

To avoid repetitive audio, we’ve created an extensive library of sound variations. This ensures that each action, no matter how frequently repeated, always sounds fresh and engaging.

At EXR, we don’t just build games; we craft experiences. Every element, from the visuals to the sounds, is meticulously designed to create an accessible, web-based racing world that’s as rich and immersive as reality itself. Join us on this exhilarating journey where every race is not just a competition, but a masterpiece of interactive art.

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