Race Training #2 LIVE & Rebooted Pt.1: Lower Touch & More Excitement.

The EXR Race Training#2 is LIVE. Join Now — 4 Tracks, 3 Days to Enter… then it’s Prediction & Spectate time!

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3 min readApr 14, 2023


Race Training #2 — The Reboot Pt.1

GM Pilots! For EXR Race training #1 — we ran a successful training session with almost 1K test races in just 24 hours and received a bunch of really good feedback. If you missed it, don’t worry, we’ve changed a lot of the experience for the better :)

The biggest learning was that “Open Races” was the most exciting race type (over Invite Races) as it required the least effort to understand, and was the easiest to join and make predictions for.

So we doubled down, cut out the friction and improved the experience so you’ll now get;

  • Less races to enter, with a good variety of track types // lower touch 🔥
  • Far more racers will be entering the fewer races available naturally // more exciting 🏆
  • More time to enter and make predictions // flexible + better decision making 🏁

We are making the races similar to a “track meet” where you can compete in different types of “events”, some are short, some are long, some are standard some are inverse ;)

The EXR Race Training #2 will be broken down into 3 Phases;

  • Phase 1: RACING (NOW OPEN and will close @ 5pm EST April 17)
    This phase is for EXR NFT holders only, who can enter up to 4 races found in the Races tab. You’ll earn points (XP & RPM) no matter where you finish, but you’ll get more for finishing higher. There’s a 5th bonus banter battle Race for Exiled & Legendaries 👀👀 Racers will also be able to train against the EXR training Bot to get prepared.
  • Phase 2: PREDICTING (Opens @ 5pm EST Monday April 17 and close at 5pm EST Wednesday April 19) once the Racing registrations windows close — the prediction window will (you’ll have 2 days to predict) — then you’ll be able to view each race and pick 1 winner for up to 4 of the different races. You’ll earn points for predicting winners only— underdog selections get more. We’ve got a whole bunch of exciting info on this coming in the next few days in Pt.2.
  • Phase 2: SPECTATING (Watch LIVE @ 530 EST Wednesday April 19)after the prediction window has closed, there will be a short 30min break and then you’ll be able to watch the races LIVE together or on demand later.

Practice? If your just doing Training Races against the EXR bot — select your race type, your track, your stack and the enter it. You can then make predictions and simulate + watch the race outcome. Good for practice rounds. Tips here.

Entering, Race Structure, Classes & Points

  • Entries: to enter races, click on the “Races” tab in the game, select the race you want to enter, look at the race type and enter your stack. Heres a couple hot tips.
  • Classes: for each race track, racers will automatically be placed into race “classes” eg. light, mid and heavy weight to allow for fairer race battles. A race stack’s class is determined by its combined attributes on a particular race track and type.
  • Race Numbers: each racer will be put into a race of 5 other similar classed/strength racers.
  • Points: Depending on the class you’re in, points received will vary slightly for races.
  • NOTE: there are different race types — Standard (first place wins) Inverse (last place wins) — So pick your stacks with the right attributes accordingly.

Leaderboard & Rewards

For now, each Race Day // Training — you’ll be collecting in game points aka RPM and XP for those specific race days / events (much like Seasons) for racing and predicting. We will be tracking those on our Racing and Prophet leaderboad and may be giving out some rewards :)


EXR Training #2 The Reboot Pt. 2 information?

Once the Racing registrations closes — we have a bunch of exciting elements we’ve added for predicting and spectating with friends? — that we will explain in our Pt.2 of The Reboot EXR training #2 series — but for now, get racing!

See you at the tracks!



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