Predictions Now Open, Powered by First Gamified Racing Sports Book — “EXR Raceway.” 2 Days Only.

Exiled Racers
4 min readApr 18, 2023

The Prediction Phase of training is NOW LIVE — and to celebrate, EXR is excited to launch the first Gamified Racing Sports Book on Moonbeam — an exciting, free-to-play spectator “pick em” style prediction experience for the EXR Races — no wallet, NFTs or crypto are needed to play.

As Race entries have closed, we now move into the Prediction Phase of the races, using the NEW EXR Raceway experience. With this launch — predictors AKA Prophets can now;

  • Make free predictions on race outcomes for reward eligible points
  • Watch our talented EXR Pilots in the upcoming races
  • Stand a chance to win in game items
  • all with just an invite, email and social login!

“It’s a super casual, light touch, free “pick’em” game for spectators watching the exciting EXR races built for non-crypto friends trying the game out for the first time.”

The EXR Raceway is a invite only beta launch — whereby only our EXR racing stack holders will be able to invite NON EXR NFT holder friends to try the free to play, pick’em style game (no wallet, NFT or crypto needed);

  • EXR NFT holders: when logging onto the EXR page, navigate to your “Referral” tab, and find your shareable Invite URL — and share away.
  • You’ll get bonus XP for 3 invitees only who successfully sign up AND make their first prediction.
  • The more XP you collect from referrals the higher you’ll climb up the leaderboard, increasing your chance for leaderboard surprise rewards.

Remember: Try to invite your “non crypto friends” — the spectator pick em prediction game is built for them —they don’t need to know anything about wallets, crypto or even NFTs.

Want an invite? Comment on our Twitter post then Get into our discord — all our current EXR holders have spectator invites to send, so reach out asap — they’re a friendly bunch.

Gameplay, leaderboard and surprise rewards.

We’re now in Phase 2 of 3 for the EXR Training — whereby both Racers and their invited spectators can head to the “EXR Raceway” and make their predictions on who they think will win 4 races + bonus Exiled / Legendary race.

While there will be many races — you only get 5 free prediction picks total — 1 per race track.

— If you predict winners you will collect XP that will be tracked on the EXR Prophets Leaderboard. The XP will be used as tickets for the prize draws of 5 EXR Mint Keys so get in on all the races you can for max tickets.

Reminder: NFT Holders who entered the races will be rewarded a distribution of RPM and XP depending on where they finish the race.

Much more than just a free-to-play spectator prediction game…

As we’ve previously talked about at Moonbeam Illuminate — one of the biggest challenges all NFT based games face (confirmed at our talk with leading web3 games at Convergence) — even for art projects with bonus games such as EXR — is onboarding, ease of access, and ease of use.

Outside of trying to navigate through all the web3 jargon — the steps that non web3-native users need to be able to join a web3 game are usually too complicated: get wallet, somehow onramp fiat to crypto, figure out which exchange sells “that” specific crypto, ask for support, get scammed, KYC, find correct NFT marketplace, buy NFTs or be priced out, connect wallet, etc. It’s all too much!

Web3 games can’t possibly grow into mainstream non-tech audiences with these walls to climb. In fact, they make it almost impossible to drive excitement and growth post-mint; not without making outrageous yield promises, releasing questionable roadmaps, and/or creating highly intricate ponzu schemes.

EXR aims to break down the onboarding walls for non-web3 users

For all the reasons above — we’ve been hard at work finding a solution that allows web2 users to comfortably onboard, in a familiar way — and get started in web3 gaming. The concept is quite simple from there (it’s a freemium model essentially), drive enough value, excitement and engagement that these free to play web2 users — eventually become EXR holders who play the racing game — not just spectate.

Growing in a smart way — freemium vs premium experiences and rewards.

The bonus free-to-play game is intentionally limited vs our racers (holders). Limited in experience AND limited in rewards;

  • Spectators (aka Prophets) who join without holding EXR NFTs can only make predictions, they cannot enter races to race.
  • This means they will only receive points from spectating
  • The surprise rewards that spectators can potentially win are only for the spectator category
  • Our EXR holders can race, win points for both racing and predicting, and are eligible for both racer and predictor rewards.

See you at the tracks!



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