Milestones & Memories: A Journey Through 2023 Achievements.

What a year… in this post we go through some key highlights of 2023, let’s just say it was busy.

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7 min readDec 31, 2023


With a small yet passionate team, we pour our hearts into our work day and night. It’s not just about achieving milestones; it’s about infusing each moment with creativity, dedication, and a genuine love for what we do.

These accomplishments reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality experiences and pushing the boundaries of the light touch gaming & web3 realms.

We’re not only building; we’re crafting a unique experiences for our incredible community.

Here’s a glimpse of some significant recent achievements 👇

1. 🚧 High Fidelity Broswer Based Gaming Asset Development:

We successfully optimized our high-quality NFT assets, reducing them from gigabytes to under 50MBs per race for a seamless browser-based gaming experience. This achievement involved cutting polygon counts, decreasing download sizes, and streamlining quality assurance, ensuring top-notch gaming experiences for the community. Blood, sweat and tears.. countless hours of hard work and dedication have been invested in this.

2. 🎙️ Keynote Speaker at Web3’s Premier Event—Convergence:

We had the privilege of being a keynote speaker at a premier web3 gaming event (Convergence 23). This opportunity allowed us to share our insights and experiences with the web3 gaming community, showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of the industry. We are proud to have been part of this event and look forward to our continued journey in web3 gaming.

3. 🔗 Exiled Racers Partners with Axelar:

Our goal is to make some monumental strides in the realm of web3 gaming—and our partnership announcement with Axelar is a nod to that. More to come here thats for sure :)

4. 🪐 Exiled Racers’ 24-Hour Showdown — Training #1:

We launched a high-stakes 24-hour training event, urging participants to sharpen their skills rapidly as the looming Harumi Corp tracked their moves. This bonus game, centered around the EXR art, introduces participants to algorithmic racing, where choices of pilots, racecrafts, and boosters, combined with the race type, influence outcomes. Racers compete in various formats, from battling an EXR Race Trainer to inviting peers for races. While RPM (Rare Processed Metals) serve as valuable rewards, racers are also ranked and rewarded based on performance and predictive abilities. This event served as a precursor to further developments in the Exiled Racers universe.

5. 🎉 EXR’s Supercharged Race Training #2:

We revamped the training sessions, emphasizing the popular Open Races format. The updated session offers a streamlined experience across three phases: Racing, exclusively for EXR holders; Predicting, where participants forecast race winners; and Spectating, to watch the thrilling races live. The system ensures fairness by categorizing participants into racing classes, and players earn in-game points that might lead to future rewards.

6. 🚗 EXR Raceway “SportsBooks” Launch for Gamified Predictions:

We unveiled our new Gamified Racing Sports Book, called “Raceway”. This platform offers a free-to-play “pick em” style prediction experience for EXR races, without the necessity of wallets, NFTs, or crypto. This “Prediction Phase” allows users (Predictors) to predict race outcomes and earn reward points, watch the upcoming races, and even stand a chance to win in-game items. Aimed particularly at non-crypto audiences, the Raceway serves as an introductory portal to the EXR universe, emphasizing accessibility and easy onboarding. While EXR stack holders enjoy premium experiences and rewards, non-holders (predictors & spectators) are introduced to the web3 ecosystem in a simplified manner, setting the stage for potential future integration into the broader EXR community.

7. *🎥 Exiled Racer’s Showcase at Consensus (Austin):

During Consensus23, in partnership with Moonbeam, we rolled out a live PickEm Prediction game Test across multiple pub screens. Targeted at broadening our reach, especially to non-web3 individuals, the event allowed attendees to easily engage with the EXR platform — signing up, predicting winners, and watching live races. The interactive session, devoid of web3 complexities like NFTs and crypto, was a prelude to more extensive tournaments. Envisioned as a gateway to community “RaceNight” meetups, this strategy underpins our mission to make the digital racing realm accessible and enjoyable for all. Stationed at the Moonbeam booth at the Polkadot Demo Stations, the team also engaged with attendees, 2 days in a row, offering insights into EXR’s ecosystem.

8. *🌔 Lunar Cup Fever:

Initiated the EXR Lunar Cup, presenting a thrilling racing challenge with a $2K USDC bonus cash prize pool. Racers and predictors alike had opportunities to claim prizes, and everyone was invited to spectate the live-streamed finals and a special VIP race.

9. 🧠 Hyper Game Enhancements for the Lunar Cup:

Ahead of the Lunar Cup, we rolled out nine major game improvements. These upgrades ranged from advanced 3D art and animations to an enhanced lighting model and dynamic camera systems, enriching the racing and viewing experience.

10. 🛠️ Auto Entry Innovation—for low touch racing:

Pioneered the seamless “1-click Cup entry” feature, revolutionizing race participation by allowing racers to automatically submit their stacks. This dynamic feature ensured that players could maximize their race attempts, yet only their top 6 performances would be counted, balancing competitive strategy with ease of use.

11. 📱 Any Device, Any Browser, Email Only Gaming

From the beginning, our mission has been to make web3 gaming accessible and seamless, offering instant gameplay from any device with just an email. We were then thrilled to introduce a significant advancement that will take our game’s visuals to a whole new level, ensuring an exceptional player experience. This innovation underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of excellence & onboarding in web3 gaming, no matter where you are.

12. 📜 Transparency & Fairness in Gaming in partnership with API3:

In partnership with API3 DAO, we showcased our commitment to transparency by launching a detailed blog post. This post illuminated the intricacies of the proprietary racing algorithm developed and refined over two years. This move underscored EXR’s dedication to allowing the community to verify and confirm the integrity of race results, ensuring a transparent and fair gaming environment. Link

13. 🎥 EXR Featured in TechCrunch:

In an enlightening article by TechCrunch, EXR’s brilliant co-founder, Sumz, shared insights on the challenges faced by EXR. He emphasized the team’s unwavering commitment to onboarding non-web3 natives into the ecosystem. Link

13. 🎤 EXR at Polkadot Decoded in Copenhagen:

Live from the prominent Polkadot Decoded event in Copenhagen, Sumz discussed the hurdles faced by web3 games in their quest for growth. He shed light on EXR’s strategies to attract web2 users into the web3 domain. The highlight? A live EXR race demonstration on stage. Check the full video on YouTube. Link

14. 📰 EXR’s Improved Race Training #3:

Gearing up for our significant Racing & Prediction Event (Lunar Cup), we teamed up with Moonbeam. Before the main event, we hosted a Pre-Event Race & Prediction Training. Participants were able to practice, earn bonus points, and hone their racing and prediction talents. Noteworthy prizes were available, and while racing required stacks, predictions were completely free with no NFTs necessary. Link

15. 🌔 Collaboration with Moonbeam for Training #3:

Gearing up for our significant Racing & Prediction Event (Lunar Cup), we teamed up with Moonbeam. Before the main event, we hosted a Pre-Event Race & Prediction Training. Participants were able to practice, earn bonus points, and hone their racing and prediction talents. Noteworthy prizes were available, and while racing required stacks, predictions were completely free with no NFTs necessary. Link

16. 🎉 The largest gaming live stream event at Mainnet 2023—Track Meet.

The EXR Track Meet during Mainnet 2023 marked an unforgettable convergence of music, virtual racing, and predictions. With a stellar DJ lineup featuring Barry Cant Swim, Eli Escobar, JADALAREIGN, House Hats Collective, Free Therapy, and a surprise guest DJ, attendees were treated to electrifying live sets and virtual race showdowns, whether in person at the Williamsburg Hotel Rooftop in New York or via livestream. The event was a major success with over 700+ attendees and 1500+ predictions. This accomplishment exemplifies our dedication to creating immersive and thrilling experiences accessible to all, regardless of location or assets ownership. Link

17. 🏆 EXR Harumi Cup Showcase:

The EXR Harumi Cup roared to life, setting the stage for an adrenaline-fueled showdown. With a $2K+ USDC prize pool, 25x cash rewards, and rare collectibles, this event was an instant hit. Racers and predictors joined forces, competing in exhilarating qualifiers, making predictions and spectating the live action. The cup showcased the power of inclusivity, allowing everyone to participate without the need for NFTs or complex setups. It’s an achievement that underscores our commitment to thrilling racing experiences and community engagement. Link

18. 🏁 Community Leagues — Your League, Your Rules:

A game-changer in the EXR universe — Allowing the EXR community to create their own private leagues! It all started with the exciting King Waddle League Season 2 road testing these freshly made features. This new era is all about empowering our community, giving you the tools to personalize every aspect of your league, from roster setup to scoring systems. It’s more than just racing; it’s about crafting your own competitive world in a fun and seamless way where your creativity takes the front seat to share good times and banter with your friends. Link Link

Thank you all for the support so far—heres to an exciting new year.



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